8 Sharagans

There are eight types of sharagans within our Armenian Church. These sharagans strictly deal with the text and NOT the musical content!

  1. The Orhnution (Praise the Lord, for HE has triumphed)
  2. The Hartz (Blessed art thou, Oh Lord, God of Fathers)
  3. The Medzatzoustze (My soul shall magnify the Lord, and my spirit)
  4. The Voghormia (Have mercy on me, Oh lord, and blot out my transgressions)
  5. The Der Hergnetz (Praise the Lord from the heaven)
  6. The Mangoonk (Praise Oh servants of the Lord)
  7. The Jashoo (I love the Lord because he has heard my voice)
  8. The Hampartzee (I lift up my eyes to the mountain)